About Us

J&L Confetti Corp. is a family-owned- and operated business, also known by the names of its premier brands, Confetti and Friends(tm) and Bunk Junk(tm). Started as a retail flea market operation with design, manufacture and warehousing run out of our living room (and then our den, basement and dining room) almost 30 years ago, we now operate a wholesale business specializing in trendsetting, accessorizing and sleep away camp-outfitting of young girls (and young girls at heart) from 3 to 103! And, thank goodness, we no longer run the business out of our home! Our showroom and warehouse facility are located in Farmingdale, New York, where most of our new ideas and exciting designs are born, developed and often manufactured. Our customers include children's boutiques, specialty stores, camp stores and websites, as well as larger store chains, and our customers are located around the world! Despite our growth, we remain a family business, and any given day at the office you will find Mom and Dad, Laura, Steve and possibly one or more other relatives (even the grandkids!) helping out. We welcome you to join our larger Confetti and Friends family and can't wait to meet you!

J&L Confetti Corp. is proud to be a primarily woman-owned- and operated business. Judy and Laura (hence the J&L), mother and daughter, started the business, and today, Laura is the majority owner and President. Judy is primarily responsible for new product design and overseeing manufacture, and Laura runs the day-to-day operations and handles most customer relationships. But, thank goodness for Steve, who has the eye for always spotting the next trend, for having the guts to encourage the company to take chances, and for always being ready to take on the next new item, ever expanding the reach of J&L into new markets.